Actress Park Shin Hye and singer Yoon Gun enjoyed a late-night club date. The two are currently appearing together on romantic reality program “Music and Lyrics.” In the revealed pictures from their late-night date, Park Shin Hye is wearing a cute dotted ribbon hairpiece and Yoon Gun is looking at her lovingly with a glass in his hand. 

This late-night club date was Yoon Gun’s idea. He planned this special surprise birthday party for Park Shin Hye, so that the two could forget about the stress of working and enjoy the time being. Park Shin Hye danced to SISTAR‘s “Ma Boy.” A source tells Park Shin Hye’s sexy wave dance put a big smile on Yoon Gun’s face and he could not wipe it off for a while. 

The upcoming episode of “Music and Lyrics” will also reveal the full story of Yoon Gun’s surprise party for Park Shin Hye. Besides the late-night club party, Yoon Gun also pampered Park Shin Hye with presents. Fans will also be able to see subtle signs of romantic intimacy between the two. 

A staff member from “Music and Lyrics” commented, “Yoon Gun will show you how a guy can get so romantic is in the upcoming episode. Anyone would get jealous of this ‘sentimental couple.’” Fans are getting excited as well as jealous to see what the pair has to show.

This romantic date of the “sentimental couple” Yoon Gun and Park Shin Hye will air on MBC MUSIC “Music and Lyrics” on March 2 at midnight KST.