Earlier this week, “Heartstrings’” Park Shin Hye was involved in a car accident. The accident occurred on July 18th around 11:30PM KST, when her manager ran into a guardrail. The five people in the vehicle, including Park Shin Hye, were immediately transported to the hospital to receive treatment. The actress returned to filming on Wednesday after a short rest. 

However, it’s been revealed today that the actress began feeling the aftereffects of the accident, and that the pain made it nearly impossible for her to continue filming. A representative of her agency stated, “Park Shin Hye began feeling muscle aches from the accident. She’s currently in the hospital. While nothing is serious, we felt she needed more time to rest to fully recover. We do not yet know when she will be able to return to filming.”

A representative of JS Pictures added, “While filming is important, we felt it was more important that Park Shin Hye takes the time to fully recover. We’ll rearrange our schedules to help her. We wish her a fast recovery.” 

As a result, “Heartstrings” will not be airing episode 8 tonight. Instead, MBC plans on broadcasting a special episode that highlights what happened in the previous seven episodes during its time slot, 9:55PM KST.