After Lee Hong Ki fulfilled his promise to visit former co-star and A.N.Jell bandmate Park Shin Hye on the set of the recently concluded “Heartstrings,” it is the actress’ turn to return the favor. 

Park visited Lee and his band FT Island backstage on the second night of their “Play! FT Island!” concert held in Seoul on August 21st.  She had previously promised to Lee that she will watch FT Island performing, to thank him for his gesture of friendship.

“Congratulations,” she said.  “Good luck on the second night.”  To which Lee replied with a “thank you.”

Park uploaded a photo of herself posing with Lee and the other members Choi Jong Hun, Lee Jae Jin, Choi Min Hwan and Song Seung Hyun on her Twitter account.  Park and Lee have displayed their friendship on the popular social networking site through the exchange of heartwarming support messages to each other.


Credits: Park Shin Hye‘s and Lee Hong Ki‘s Twitter accounts