Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin have shared their thoughts on what makes their upcoming drama unique!

The two actors are starring together in tvN’s new drama “Memories of the Alhambra,” which will tell the story of Yoo Jin Woo (played by Hyun Bin), a brilliant investment firm CEO who travels to Spain on business and ends up staying at an old hostel in Granada. Park Shin Hye will star as Jung Hee Joo, the hard-working owner of the hostel and the older sister of genius programmer Jung Se Joo (played by EXO’s Chanyeol).

Ahead of the drama’s premiere, the two stars have revealed what they think viewers should look forward to in the episodes ahead.

Hyun Bin expressed his excitement about the drama’s intriguing, suspenseful plot, recalling, “From the moment that I first laid my hands on the ‘Memories of the Alhambra’ script, it had such a powerful draw to it that I became completely immersed in it while reading. The drama’s plot will make viewers’ palms sweat as each new episode piques their curiosity about what happens next.”

He went on to mention that he himself was curious about how the drama would look after post-production, explaining, “As there are aspects of the drama that are intrinsically different from my previous works, I myself am looking forward to seeing the completed production. I ask that you give the drama’s first episode, which is infused with the hard work of the entire cast and crew, a great deal of interest and anticipation.”

Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye chose the drama’s “unusual subject matter” and its “entertaining mix of various genres” as its greatest strengths.

“Within the unusual subject matter of AR [Augmented Reality], the drama combines a wide variety of genres including suspense, romance, action, and thriller,” she remarked. “I also think that writer Song Jae Jung’s writing, which successfully mixes these diverse genres, is truly the best.”

The actress added, “Viewers may be worried that the subject matter is unfamiliar, but AR simply plays the role of forcing the characters into each other’s lives and making their entanglement inevitable. Due to the fast-paced plot, thrilling story, and magical romance, viewers of all ages and genders will be able to enjoy the drama.”

The producers of “Memories of the Alhambra” commented, “[‘Memories of the Alhambra’] is a high-quality production created through the hard work of a highly-acclaimed cast, writer, and director over a long period of time. The actors immersed themselves in their roles using a tightly written script by writer Song Jae Jung, and director Ahn Gil Ho captured [their performances] with his meticulous and sensitive directing.”

“Memories of the Alhambra” will premiere on December 1 at 9 p.m. KST. In the meantime, check out the latest teaser for the drama here!

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