Past photos of Park Shin Hye in middle school is garnering hot interest.

Recently, on an online community, a thread titled, “Park Shin Hye’s Body Matured At Middle School” was created along with photos of the actress.

The photos uploaded were of a scene from the SBS drama “Stairway to Heaven.” In that particular scene, Park Shin Hye’s character is lying down on a hospital bed, soaked to the bones, and being rushed into the emergency room.

But it was the idea that she was laying down, yet her body line remained volumous, that brought jealous attention from many of the female population.

Netizens were quick reply to the picture with words portraying their envy, like, “Park Shin Hye is the real ‘bagel’ girl,” “Not only is her face beautiful, her body is great too,” “I’m a girl. She’s laying down… I’m really jealous T_T.”

The term “bagel girl” is derived from the phrase “baby faced with glamorous body.” Recently many female celebrities like, Yoo In Na, Shin Mina, Shin Se Kyung, and Uee, have gained attention for being “bagel girls” but Park Shin Hye’s middle school self is the youngest member to be included under this term.