Park Shin Hye has proved her loyalty as a friend by filming a special appearance in a web drama series.

Ilgan Sports reported that on April 14, a drama insider said, “Park Shin Hye will make a special appearance in ‘Gogh, the Starry Night’ and has finished filming for it.”

The actress decided to make the appearance based on her loyalty to the show’s director, Jo Soo Won, who also directed Park Shin Hye’s 2014-2015 drama “Pinocchio.”

“Gogh, the Starry Night” is a romantic comedy about Gogh, a 29-year-old advertisement worker who wants to be successful in both love and work, and will first air in China in June. It stars Kim Young Kwang and Girl’s Generation’s Yuri.

Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye is preparing her comeback to the screen through the SBS drama “Doctors” in June.

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