On June 2’s episode of “Some Guy, Some Girl,” members Chae Jung Ahn, Chae Yeon, and Yoon So Yi have a candid talk about love and relationships with some of their friends, including actress Park Shin Hye.

While they discuss whether marriage should be the ultimate goal while pursuing a relationship, Park Shin Hye speaks up and says, “My dream was to get married.”

Chae Yeon asks her why that’s been her goal, and she replies, “Watching my mom and dad made me want to raise a loving family like the two of them did. I thought I was going to get married at 23.”

When asked when she wants to get married now, she says, “At about thirty? But honestly, since my goal is to get married, I find that when I meet guys, I’m always looking for someone who’s like my dad.”

“All the guys have their own good points,” she says. “But as I’m dating, even if I meet a nice person, I end up seeing their bad points first. And I just compare them with my dad. It’s pretty bad.”

“My dad is very family-oriented,” she explains.

You can check out the rest of their conversation in the latest episode of “Some Guy, Some Girl”!

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