Park Shi Hoo revealed the key to his muscles on an episode of SBS’s “TV News at Night”, which aired on August 10. His diet drew much attention, with viewers commenting that it was very similar to that of a girl group’s.

Although he has revealed his past workouts before, this time he also talked about the daily routines he does to keep in shape. These consisted of simple exercises focusing on his abs, chest, and other body parts, as well as his diet, which the episode focused on.

His entire lunch included small portions of banana, potatoes, and boiled eggs. Although this doesn’t seem like much, Shi Hoo said he eats small amounts of bananas every two to three hours as well. Regarding the bananas, Shi Hoo commented that they cause him to eat less during a meal, as well as relieving constipation, making them a good food for women to eat.

After the episode, netizens commented that his diet is like that of a girl group’s.