Park Si Yeon showcased her conversational wit on the April 13 radio broadcast of “Park So Yeon’s Love Letter.”

DJ Park So Yeon commented that Park Si Yeon resembled a young Kim Soo Mi and asked the actress who she thought she most looked like. Park Shi Yeon replied, “On my smart phone, using that app that matches your face with a celebrity that you most look like, I always get matched with T.O.P!” The actress then burst out laughing. Further adding, “Not only did I get T.O.P., but I also received a match with actor Ju Won. I’m a woman but [the app] always seems to match me with a male celebrity.”

When the DJ asked who about her favorite singer, Park Si Yeon replied that she liked her doppelganger, T.O.P from Big Bang.

Park Si Yeon has been promoting her film, The Scent,” which was released in theaters on April 11.

What do you think of the celebrity resemblances?


Park Si Yeon and Actress Kim Soo Mi:

Park Si Yeon and Kim Soo Mi

Park Si Yeon and Actor Ju Won:

Park Si Yeon and Actor Ju Won