Actress Park Si Yeon revealed that one of her best friends Lee Hyori is becoming a good influence on her.

Not too long ago, Park Si Yeon went on a Hong Kong trip with three of her friends, Lee Hyori, Ahn Hye Kyung and Maybee.

During an interview with OSEN, Park Si Yeon spoke a lot about Lee Hyori. She said, “While we were eating, we agreed that we should go on a trip before we get any older. That’s how we got to go on that Hong Kong trip with Ahn Hye Kyung and Maybee for that photo shoot. All four of us used one room. We really made some good memories. Every single night, we stayed up talking in the hotel room. We even heard others asking why we came all the way to Hong Kong if we were just going to be holed up in our room, talking.”

When she was asked if things were different since she was the only married woman, she replied, “When we were young, all we talked about were guys and work. Now it’s different. Hyori is especially different. She introduced new topics to our chats like saving the environment, vegetarianism, animal rights, environmental organizations and so on. It was all she could talk about.”

She says that not only her but Ahn Hye Kyung and Maybee are also influenced by Hyori’s passions. Not too long ago, Park Si Yeon and Lee Hyori held a bazaar event together as well.

Park Si Yeon continued to say, “Hyori transformed into an environmentalist and it was great to see her sticking with her beliefs through her actions. We are all very heavily influenced by her. Hye Kyung adopted a pet through a pet adoption agency that was introduced by Hyori. Hyori isn’t just about talk – she makes a lot of effort in unseen places.”

Finally, Park Si Yeon spoke about her own efforts to go green. She said, “Environment-friendly hand soap or dish-washing soap are a bit more expensive but I try to use that at home. I always try to recycle too. Whenever I’m not using an appliance or device, I unplug the cord. These are all small things but I think it helps.”

Meanwhile, Park Si Yeon’s newest film, “The Scent,” will hit theaters on April 11.