Actress Park Si Yeon appeared in a photoshoot that is gaining a lot of attention for a weird reason. Her legs are missing in the released photo! In early July, Park Si Yeon took part in a photoshoot with fellow actresses Jo Yeo Jung, and Nam Gyu Ri. The concept of the photoshoot was a special party at a hotel in the summer.

In the revealed photo the female actresses are having champagne inside of a huge tub. Everyone seems to be having a good time in the photo, however if one takes a careful look you can see that Park Si Yeon is missing her legs! She appears to be standing behind the bath, yet there does not seem to be a gap between the it and the wall, as demonstrated by a model sitting on the rim of the tub and seemingly leaning back against the wall.

External from soompi image

External from soompi image

Netizens are commenting that Si Yeon looks like a ghost, and wondering if her missing lower half was a mistake during editing procedures. The contrast between their happy smiles and the missing legs makes this picture pretty creepy.

The rest of the pictures that weren’t released will be available in the August edition of Marie Claire Korea.

The beautiful Park Si Yeon has appeared in dramas such as “Cofee House,” “Story of a Man,” and she also was a recurring member of “Family Outing.

Source: Star News