Park So Yeon, Lee Soo Min, and Kim Bo Won have left FAVE Entertainment.

On September 1, FAVE Entertainment stated through their official Twitter, “Park So Yeon, Lee Soo Min, and Kim Bo Won, who had been trainees for the company, have continued in-depth discussions with the company regarding their future activities due to their personal concerns about their musical direction and health reasons. After such discussions, they have amicably agreed to terminate their trainee contracts and go their separate ways after August 31.”

The company also attached handwritten letters by Park So Yeon and Lee Soo Min where they talked about their reasons for leaving the company and their gratitude towards fans.

Lee Soo Min revealed in her letter that she had been going through a recovery period due to health problems caused by a car accident. During that time, she had thought about her future and came to the decision to terminate her contract. She asked fans not to worry too much, and promised to come back in a healthier image.

Park So Yeon also stated that she had started to worry about her musical direction, and eventually ended things after talking with the company. She then thanked fans for their everlasting support and promised to see them again.

Park So Yeon and Lee Soo Min starred in Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 1.” The latter also appeared in JTBC’s “MIXNINE” with Kim Bo Won.

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