Recently on an online community, a photo titled “Arduously Filming Prince” was posted. One of the supporting casts of “Rooftop Price” posted the picture on his twitter, and from there it spread throughout the Internet.

In the photo, Park Yoo Chun is on a truck chasing a bus to stop Han Ji Min from leaving.

It’s obvious in the picture that drama shooting should have been very tiring for Park Yoo Chun. He had to keep shouting while his torso is hanging outside the car window in a cold weather.

The support cast wrote, “The conditions look pretty bad, right? He’s resting for a second. He’s been so immersed in acting even though it may be dangerous. That’s why the drama got the highest average viewer rating. He’s great.”

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “I thought for a second he passed out.” “No wonder why the drama is number one!” “Of course the staff always praises Park Yoo Chun.”

Fighting, Yoochun! Stay strong!