Park Yoo Chun appeared on the April 19 episode of SBS “Good Morning,” and revealed that he had to starve two straight days because of the tight filming schedule of SBS “Rooftop Prince.”

The interview took place at a grocery store, in front of the “free food” stands typically found in Korean super markets. Park Yoo Chun briefly took a break to talk to the camera, as he started to eat some of the mini sausages offered at the “free food” stand.

He said, “This is my first meal in two days…We’re not allowed to eat anything else, right? It’s my first time eating.”

He was asked how he’s been able to carry on with himself in such a tight schedule. Yoo Chun playfully answered, “Ji Min nuna…Ji Min nuna. Do you know why? Because Ji Min nuna has more scenes than I do. That’s (watching her scenes) the only pleasure of my life. I keep reminding myself, ‘Ah, I’m so blessed.’”

Netizens commented, “I love ‘Rooftop Prince,’” “This just explains the poor working conditions of Korean dramas,” and “At least give Yoo Chun more eating scenes.”

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