The “48th Baeksang Arts Awards,” hosted by Kim Ah Joong and Lee Hwi Jae, took place at the Olympic Hall in Seoul yesterday, April 26. Singer actor Park Yoo Chun had the honor of presenting the Best Necomer Award in the TV category with actress Yoo In Na. Coincidently, it was the category where his brother Park Yoo Hwan was a nominee for his role in “A Thousand Days’ Promise.”

When asked who he would like to see win the award, Park Yoo Chun replied, “I would like my younger brother Park Yoo Hwan to win.” He humorously added, “Yoo Hwan. I think it’s still too early for you to win this. Let’s work harder,” earning many laughs and chuckles from the attendees and the audience.

Meanwhile, “Ojakyo Brothers’” Joo Won and Uee took home the Best Newcomer Awards. Park Yoo Chun also won the Most Popular Actor Award for his role in “Miss Ripley.”

Winners List for TV Category
Daesang: “Tree with Deep Roots
Best Drama: “The Moon that Embraces the Sun
Best Variety Program: “Gag Concert
Best Actor: Kim Soo Hyun (“The Moon that Embraces the Sun”)
Best Actress:  Gong Hyo Jin (“The Greatest Love”)
Best Newcomer Actor: Joo Won (“Ojakyo Brothers”)
Best Newcomer Actress: Uee (“Ojakyo Brothers”)
Most Popular Actor: Park Yoo Chun (“Miss Ripley”)
Most Popular Actress: Park Shin Hye (“Heartstrings”)
Male Talent: Kim Joon Hyun (“Gag Concert”)
Female Talent: Park Ha Sun (“High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs”)
Best Director: Kim Jung Min & Park Hyun Seok (“The Princess’s Man”)
Best Screenwriter: Kim Young Hyun & Park Sang Yeon (“Tree with Deep Roots”)