A picture of Park Yoo Chun’s worn out script has been making rounds on the Web for representing the star actor/singer’s professionalism. Recently, a close-up shot of Park Yoo Chun’s script for SBS “Rooftop Prince” was posted on an online community board, under the title “Practice worm Park Yoo Chun’s script.”

In the photo, you can see his script worn to tatters, after apparently holding on to the script for long hours to practice his lines. Fans have been showing amazement at his work ethic and effort to hone his acting skills. In fact, Park Yoo Chun rarely ever makes any mistakes during filming sessions, earning him the nickname “script genius,” and fans are crediting his intense work ethic for it.

Netizens that saw the photo commented, “I can just tell how serious he is about his job,” “There’s a reason he won all the rookie acting awards,” and “He’s born to be a celebrity.”\