The highly anticipated kiss between Lee Gak and Park Ha in episode 12 of the drama series, “Rooftop Prince” finally aired on April 26.

Lee Gak, played by Park Yoochun, becomes depressed as he believes that Park Ha, played by Han Ji Min, is leaving.

In the episode, Lee Gak sees Park Ha’s letter and begins to cry and yearn for her. After returning a day later, Park Ha asks Lee Gak what he is doing. Lee Gak replies, “You should tell me!  What are you doing back? I thought you had left.”

Lee Gak confesses, “Do you know how much I looked for you?  How can you just write a letter and leave? My heart felt like it was breaking and I felt like I was suffocating!” Lee Gak continues to confess his feelings for Park Ha and tells her that he missed her and finally proclaims that he likes her. 

The much anticipated kiss finally happens as Lee Gak embraces Park Ha and kisses her.

Did you see the episode? 

Yoochun and Han Ji Min in Rooftop Prince