On July 20th, the following was revealed through Park Yoochun’s representatives, “A week ago while filming for MBC TV’s ‘Miss Ripley’ we found out that Park Yoochun had caught Herpes Zoster, also known as shingles. His face is fine but he has rashes all over his chest and back. He caught the virus because of the all stress and malnutrition because of his busy filming schedule.

After finishing filming of “Miss Ripley” on July 18th, Park Yoochun has been receiving treatment while proceeding with his busy schedule of CF filming, and other activities. “The hospital recommended that he rest, but because of the busy schedule already planned out he is still continuing on with his schedule while being treated.

On July 19th Park Yoochun had commented about his not appearing at the final episode party, “I sweat too much while filming a CF outside, I really wanted to join the festivities but I was too tired and had also caught Herpes Zoster. I am sorry to the production team for not being there.

Source: Nate