Actor Park Yoo Chun who is currently starring in the SBS drama “Rooftop Prince” seems to be under the spell of the series.

On March 22, the second episode of the drama was broadcast on SBS. Yoo Chun was quoted as saying, “I watched that episode no less than five times.”

In “Rooftop Prince,” Yoochun plays the role of the crown prince of the Joseon dynasty Lee Gak who finds himself three hundred years in the future, in a modern setting. Yoo Chun has the opportunity to play both sides of his part and display a serious and comical acting.

According to Yoo Chun’s representatives, it was reported that Yoo Chun watched episode 1 of the drama several times, while watching episode 2 five times, at home on his laptop, but also while he was on the go to attend schedules.

Yoo Chun commented, “In episode 2, the comical elements finally appear. By watching the episodes, I can monitor my acting especially the comical scenes and learn from it. And of course watching the second episode was a lot of fun. While watching episode 2 I couldn’t stop laughing.”

He continued by saying, “When we’re filming a scene, we don’t know how it will come out on screen and this is what makes our production team amazing. The fact that they can bring out the comical elements during the shooting without knowing how it will come out. Our cast members said that the episode was really interesting and funny. We all are all the more confident with our production team.”

Personally, episode 2 was also my favorite. What did you think of the drama so far?