Rapper PSY’s “Gangnam Style” craze has become a hot issue. The popularity of “Gangnam Style” has extended beyond Korea into the US as the American news channel CNN featured the music video during its broadcast. The video has made quite an impact worldwide gaining 20,148,000 hits on You Tube in the span of three weeks since its release. In the wake of the highly successful music video many copycat versions are being released online such as “Daegu Style,” “Hongdae Style,” and “Chungnam Style.” Each version has reinterpreted and parodied the video’s style specific to their location entertaining netizens. Even those outside of Korea are getting in on the action as “Gangnam Style” international parody videos have popped up. The most unique being a “Legend of Korra” fan made parody. Along with parody videos fans are also organizing “Gangnam Style” flash mobs. On August 3, fans met at the Songpa Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul where they held a flash mob performance of “Gangnam Style” in support of the Korean Olympic athletes at the 2012 London Olympics. Which are your favorite versions of the popular video?