On the August 19th broadcast episode of MNET’s “Superstar K3” contestant Jo Cheol Hui has attracted the attention of the public.  With his brilliant performance he was described to be like Jay Park in every way. 

 Jo Cheol Hui revealed his bond to Jay Park as he too is a native of Seattle, WA.  While in high school Jo was a member of the b-boy group, Art of Movement alongside Jay Park.  This information confirmed the judges’ original feelings about him.  Jo is a graduate student from Seoul National University, which also surprised the judges.

“I will work hard. I don’t want to shame Jay, I would like to be his friend.” Jo said as he began to sing Lee Jung’s “Do It Tomorrow” for his audition in front of the judges.  The judges commented, “From your profile there seems to be something unique about you.”

After Jo’s dazzling performance the judges awarded him with good news as he was accepted to the competition where he will be able to further demonstrate his ability and potential on the show.

You can watch his audition here.

Source: Naver