It’s a very special day for Universe and PENTAGON as the group has officially earned their very first music show win since their debut four years ago. The special moment happened on SBS‘s THE SHOW where PENTAGON ultimately earned the win with their new hit “Daisy”.

pentagon first win
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The first win has been a long time coming for PENTAGON as the group has consistently had successful comeback after successful comeback but wasn’t rewarded with a music show win for their efforts. With this win, however, the group has finally achieved that goal!

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Taking the trophy, things got a little emotional as leader Hui thanked fans saying, “Four years after our debut we’ve finally gotten our first win. It wasn’t an easy path but our Universe, who have always remained by our side and done their best to help us, we love you so much! Thank you so much!

Hongseok, Yanan, and Yuto also shared their heartfelt thanks with warm messages in English, Chinese, and Japanese. PENTAGON also didn’t forget about their Jinho hyung either! With Jinho currently serving in the military, Shinwon cutely called out, “Jinho hyung are you watching? We won first place!

Following their messages, they delivered an emotion-filled encore performance before taking to their Instagram to share even more love for fans.

#theshow #universe #daisytook1stplace Pentagon’s moments that are only possible because of Universe. Let’s continue to love and cherish the time we’ll spend together #pentagon #daisy

In addition to sharing thanks as a group, several members also shared backstage photos and sent messages to Universe. In his post, Yeo One shared, “We love you, Universe. We were only able to get 1st place because of you. We sincerely thank you and love you.

Also sending out lots of love, Yuto wrote in Korean, “Thank you so, so much for first place… Even though we took 4 years, it’s always been a happy time,” before sending his love in Japanese.

Hongseok, meanwhile, let Universe know that they’re his number one expressing, “Hey Universe, we’ve finally made it! I’ve been waiting for this day all along just to express my gratitude to all of you. This honor goes to all of you, thank you, YOU are our number one!

Finally, Kino sent a long thank you to Universe, his family, his members, and more.

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[#키노] 드디어 우리 유니버스에게도 떳떳하게 1위 가수팬이라는 호칭으로 부를 수 있게 됐습니다. 참 많은 일들이 있었고, 이대로 1위 한 번 못 해보고 멈추게 되진 않을까 걱정했던 날들도 있었습니다. 그럼에도 저희 멤버들은 절대 포기하지 않고 서로를 믿고 의지하며 죽어라 달려왔습니다. 결코 음악방송 1위가 저희의 최종목표는 아니였지만, 오늘을 펜타곤의 가능성을 다시 한 번 일깨워준 시간으로써 감사히 받아들이고, 더 노력하는 펜타곤이 되겠습니다. 가수를 꿈꾸며 준비하던 시간부터 지금까지 단 한 시도 빼놓지 않고 끝없는 믿음과 응원을 주신 어머니 아버지, 그리고 내 동생 민주. 할머니, 할아버지, 모든 친척분들. 고생 참 많이 한 우리 멤버들. 내 인생 최고의 매니저형들. 회장님, 대표님 상무님 본부장님 실장님. 영상팀 제작팀 마케팅팀 비주얼팀 아트팀 안무팀 큐브재팬. 헤어메이크업 선생님들. 스타일리스트 형누나들. 작곡가 형들. 항상 옆을 지켜주는 내 친구들, 존경하는 모든 스승님들. 그리고 너무 사랑하는 나의 유니버스! 제 곁에는 이렇게나 저희가 잘 되기만을 바라며 댓가를 바라지 않고 오로지 애정으로 저희를 도와주시는 분들이 많습니다. 이 모든 분들이 계시기에 절대 포기할 수가 없습니다. 말이 너무 길어졌습니다. 이 글을 쓰는 지금도 너무 오버하는 건 아닐까 싶어요. 뭐 그리 대단한 일이라고 이렇게까지 하나 싶으실 수 있지만, 저희 곁에서 오랜 시간을 함께 해주신 분들은 그 의미를 아시리라 생각합니다. 이 첫 번째 1위 트로피가 저희한테는 그 무엇보다도 값진 영광입니다. 앞으로 더 높이 올라갈 수 있도록 믿고 응원해주세요. 내 전부 내 행복 유니버스 오늘도 고맙고, 사랑하고, 소중합니다????

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[Kino] Our Universe finally gets to call themselves fans of a 1st place group. We’ve been through a lot, and there were times when we weren’t sure if we would ever take 1st place. But the members still didn’t give up, and we depended on each other to come this far. Winning 1st place in a music program wasn’t our final goal, but we’re thankful we got to check our potential again as Pentagon, and we’ll be sure to work harder from now on.

Thank you to all my family for always trusting me and cheering me on ever since I dreamt of becoming a singer. My fellow members who worked so hard. The best manager hyungs in my life. All the senior members of our agency. The production teams behind the scenes, hair and makeup coordinators, stylists, and composers. My friends who are always by my side. My respected mentors. And Universe, who I love so much!

There are many people around me who simply wish us the best with affection while expecting nothing in return. I can’t give up because of these people. That was long. I’m wondering if I’m overreacting. You may wonder if this is that big a deal, but I’m sure those of you who have been with us for a while will understand. This 1st place trophy is our most cherished honor.

Please trust us and cheer us on so that we can go up even higher. My everything, my happiness, Universe. Thank you, I love you, and you’re so precious.

— Kino

Universe, meanwhile, couldn’t be happier or more proud of PENTAGON and have been expressing their own love for the group!

A big congratulations to PENTAGON and Universe and here’s to many, many more wins!

Check out their performance and encore stage below if you haven’t already: