Members of PENTAGON’s rap line talked about whether or not they’d consider going on a rap competition show like “High School Rapper.”

During the showcase for PENTAGON’s sixth mini album “Positive,” E’Dawn expressed his own thoughts on rap competition programs.

He said, “You have to compete with each other on there. That doesn’t suit me very well. I’m a pacifist, so it’s really not suited for me. I don’t like fighting. I like to plant flowers and trees in front of my house. The other members are younger, so they’re full of spirit. If Wooseok or Yuto were to participate in them, I’d actively go to support them with flowers.”

To that, Wooseok responded, “I watched ‘High School Rapper’ recently, and the participants who were younger than me did well. If I were to go on there, I’ll lose right away.” His members encouraged him, saying, “You’re a rapper.” Wooseok then asked, “Then do you think I can beat everyone?” They replied frankly, “No,” making everyone burst into laughter.

PENTAGON released the music video for their title track “Shine” on April 2.

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