PENTAGON members shared a story of when the group’s leader Hui shed tears during preparations for their comeback.

On April 2, PENTAGON held a showcase for their sixth mini album “Positive” at the Blue Square iMarket Hall in Seoul. Hui said, “I cried during our dance practice yesterday. Just like the previous time, the members stayed up all night and worked hard every day for our current promotions.”

He continued, “As time passed, I could see the members starting to get tired after working hard every day. I became emotional after seeing how they still tried to stay motivated and worked hard. We were practicing the choreography for the song ‘Let’s Go Together’ [literal title] and that’s how I felt, so I began to cry.”

Yeo One said, “Seeing Hui cry was sad, but also cute in a way. He had never shown us himself crying before and he was crying so sadly, so I comforted him.”

PENTAGON’s latest mini album “Positive” features the title track “Shine,” which was written and produced by Hui, E’Dawn, and producing team Flow Blow. “Shine” expresses positivity by talking about having a crush on someone, not being able to confess those feelings, and then finding love for yourself.

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Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews