PENTAGON’s Kino has suffered an ankle injury.

On January 30, Cube Entertainment released an official statement via PENTAGON’s Twitter account. The statement read:

Hello, this is Cube Entertainment. We are writing about PENTAGON’s upcoming activities and to inform you that it will be difficult for member Kino to participate in regular promotions.

He was practicing last week when he injured his ankle and will unavoidably not be able to perform and promote to his usual standard. Because he worked hard to prepare a good stage and practiced a lot, he will still be participating in the official fan meeting and Japanese promotions, but we will be changing some things in order not to aggravate his injury.

We apologize for causing concern to the fans who have waited for news, and will do our best to make sure Kino makes a full and fast recovery.

Thank you.

Although PENTAGON has released music in Japan before, the group is planning to make their major Japanese debut in February and hold their first Japan Zepp tour.