Penthouse actor Park Eun Seok has been accused of habitually abandoning his pets that he adopts, as well as only taking in purebreds from pet stores.

During his appearance on I Live Alone, Park Eun Seok showed off his single life with his three month old puppy, Molly. However, along with the appearance, some netizens are bringing up his old pictures of his pets, asking him where they are now, and whether he abandoned them or not.

One netizen who identified herself as a former classmate of Park Eun Seok’s while he was studying at Seoul Institute of The Arts claimed Park Eun Seok would change out his pets if his girlfriend didn’t like it.

His girlfriend didn’t like [his pet at the time] so he changed it to a small beagle… When he said he was raising two cats and a three month old puppy on I Live Alone while living by himself… it’s really just…

What about the little dog… I understand it may be a reward for your work, since you’ve worked hard, but I really hope you don’t pretend to love animals, like a performance. I hate people who use animals to handle or maintain their image.

— Classmate “A”

Even netizens who have identified themselves as Park Eun Seok’s fans since he started acting in musicals have raised their suspicions. One fan stated how many of the pets he has raised and shown off on social media are no longer with him, raising the issue of abandonment, rehoming, and a lack of love.

I don’t know where the two cats that lived with him in the half-basement home went. In 2016, he raised a toy poodle named Rosie, and in 2011, he was raising a Shar Pei named Isabelle. He also had a large dog named Daisy. He even had a hedgehog at one point.

It’s scary that he would repeatedly only raise each pet for a year or two.

— Fan “B”

Alongside the accusations, several netizens went back through Park Eun Seok’s past social media posts, showing his different pets throughout the years, including the aforementioned Daisy, 2 cats in the half-basement room, and the toy poodle.

Park Eun Seok’s large dog and two cats in the half basement apartment.

Park Eun Seok’s large dog and toy poodle.

Netizens continued, stating that the average lifespan of a traditional pet is around 15 years, and while it is possible for pets to leave their owner’s side early due to illnesses or accidents, the sheer number of pets Park Eun Seok has gone through, trying to raise alone, is simply too much and irresponsible. The additional fact that he was raising purebreds from breeders is also raising questions.

In addition, another netizen who attempted to adopt a pet from Park Eun Seok shared how he did not properly take care of his pets, not even taking them to a vet.

Before he became famous, I tried to adopt a cat from him, but I gave up on the adoption because the cat was not properly vaccinated. He wasn’t very interested in the pet itself, and had a cold attitude. It’s a shame I couldn’t feel that air of kindness people have when dealing with animals.

You said that you were busy while you weren’t well-known. You’d be busier now, but now you have 2 cats and a dog. I hope you take care of them up until the end.

— Netizen “C”

After these reports came out, Park Eun Seok’s agency HUNUS Entertainment came out to quickly deny them.

After checking the contents, they are not true at all.

His acquaintances are raising the pets now.

— HUNUS Entertainment

Netizens aren’t accepting HUNUS Entertainment’s statement however, claiming rehoming the pets is the same as abandoning them.

  • If you decide not to keep your pet and rehome it, that’s still abandoning your pet. Just because you don’t throw it out into the street doesn’t mean it’s not abandoning it.
  • It seems odd that he keeps rehoming his pets to his friends. Does he only keep them when they are small and cute and young? The response seems very irresponsible, these are actual lives.
  • If he gave them all to his friends, I want them to prove they have them.
  • Pets aren’t dolls that you buy and throw away when they get too old.
  • He should know better to not get more pets, if he can’t take care of his older one.

Park Eun Seok has since released a post on his official fancafe, apologizing for the worry he has caused, and denying any knowledge of the netizens who claimed to know him.

I am sorry to worry you. There were a lot of times where people get attacked because they are too busy with schedules, and a controversy comes out. It’s a tingling yet intriguing feeling, having it happen to me.

First of all, I would like to apologize to all of you here in my fanclub for causing concern. My pets are growing up well. The official explanation will be released later today, please don’t worry too much.

I feel embarrassed at this situation, where I have to explain myself after the false statements made by a person I don’t even know, claiming they were classmates with me. Since people were worried, I am releasing my statement.

Thank you for your continued interest and love you send me. I hope you have a good day today too.

— Park Eun Seok