For those of you that are sorely missing the Bae Rona and Joo Seokhun couple in Penthouse, SBS has released a special “fiction drama” to cater to your desires! Their “fiction drama” series has the actors acting in character, but creating new storylines for them separate to the original drama.

The first episode of the fiction drama pairs up actors Kim Young Dae and Kim Hyun Soo. Their teenaged love story in the original drama was a hugely popular side story for many viewers who enjoyed the light-hearted relief within the thrilling drama. To make up for their star-crossed love, SBS has the two going on adorable “dates” in the fiction drama.

From playing rock paper scissors…

Screenshot 2021-03-08 at 4.04.53 PM

… to being adorable in the classroom.

Screenshot 2021-03-08 at 4.04.13 PM

He even brushes her hair back for her.

Screenshot 2021-03-08 at 4.05.23 PM

When asked why Bae Rona likes Seokhun, she replies that his most attractive trait is how he is loyal to Bae Rona and only looks at her.

Screenshot 2021-03-08 at 4.06.52 PM

Screenshot 2021-03-08 at 4.07.09 PM

Seokhun answered that Bae Rona was kind, bright and righteous, and brought positive energy to people around her.

Screenshot 2021-03-08 at 4.06.52 PM

Aren’t the two the absolute cutest? Catch the lovey-dovey scenes below!