If you’ve been keeping up with the record-breaking dramas, Penthouse and Penthouse 2, you’d know who Joo Seok Hoon (Kim Young Dae) and Secretary Jo (Kim Dong Gyu) are.

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Joo Seok Hoon is the son of wealthy businessman Joo Dan Tae, while Secretary Jo works for Joo Dan Tae behind the scenes.


Given the age difference of their characters as well as their appearances to match, many would easily assume that they’re actors of different age groups.

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So fans are shocked to find out that they’re actually almost the same age in real life.

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Kim Young Dae was born in 1996 making him 25 years old, while Kim Dong Gyu was born in 1994 making him 27 years old.

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That means there’s only a 2-year age difference between the two actors!

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It turns out that Kim Young Dae has been pulling off a character that’s much younger than himself, while Kim Dong Gyu grew out a beard and shaved his head for a much tougher appearance.

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Aside from their appearance, the actors simply pulled off their respective characters flawlessly, making age an afterthought.

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Now that’s what you call true actors.