Super Junior‘s Heechul was recently texting his friend, Lee Ji Ah, who is starring in the record-breaking drama, SBS‘s Penthouse, only to get unwanted spoilers for his favorite drama.

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Basically everybody’s watching the drama, and Heechul is no different. And the drama is full of so many twists and turns that you never know what to expect.

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But Lee Ji Ah decided to spill some secrets ahead of the airing while chatting with Heechul, and his reaction was beyond panicked.

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He shared a photo of the show along with the caption, “I was finally going to watch it this morning.

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And the second screenshot he posted shows a caption that reads, “The information above is too intense. Shim Soo Ryeon spoils the next episode herself.

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After getting the spoilers, Heechul expressed both his shock and disappointment.

I haven’t watched the episode yet…

— Heechul

When Lee Ji Ah explained that she thought he knew because it was in the live search rankings since Monday, Heechul blamed Lee Ji Ah for taking away his happiness.

I didn’t see that… I don’t know why, but I didn’t… Sigh… You took away my happiness, Noona.

— Heechul

And Lee Ji Ah’s response pretty much sums up their relationship.

My bad…

— Lee Ji Ah

Netizens are reacting to the cute interaction with comments such as “It’s funny that Heechul got spoilers and Lee Ji Ah’s way of talking is cute, too” and “I had no idea they were friends in real life“.

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Season 1 of Penthouse just ended, and Season 2 is set to premiere in February.