There are some dance covers that make you want to stand alone in a spotlight and show off your skills and there are other dance covers that make you want to grab all your friends, go buy matching t-shirts, and just spend hours practicing together so you can get that epic team synchronization.

A dance cover of SISTAR‘s newest release, “Shake It,” is doing just that. Korean netizens and SISTAR themselves went crazy for it, making it number one in real-time keyword search ranking and the idol group sharing it through their official Facebook page. The original video was shared on the Facebook page of “Women’s Video” (run by Moncast) and gathered 35,000 view in just 13 hours.

The dance cover features 20 females dressed in matching white shirts, blue skirts, and floppy hats dancing in great synchronization to SISTAR’s “Shake It.” If SISTAR gave “Shake It” a very sexy appeal, the 20 females in their matching outfits give it a more adorable, school dance festival atmosphere.

Watch the cover below:

Here is the original music video:

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