With this year’s Korean Music Festival coming up next weekend, The Korea Times has been uploading performances and interviews of 2011’s concert on YouTube.

Held on April 30, 2011, performing acts included 4Minute, Jay Park, SISTAR, G.NA, U-Kiss, Secret, Baek Ji Young, K.Will, Kim Jang Hoon, Lee Eun Ha, DJ Doc, Jun Young-Rok, Jung Soo-Ra and Sul Woon Do. Check out our full review of last year’s concert.

Coming up next Saturday, April 27, is the 10th year anniversary of the event. Every year a selection of popular idols and older singers come to perform. The confirmed performers for this year includes G.O.D, MBLAQ, Brown Eyed Girls, Lena Park, Bobby Kim & The Buga Kingz, Nam Jin, Im Tae Kyung, Kim Kyung-Ho, Love & Peace,  Lee Yong and Arirang. Tickets can be found at their official site.

Going to the concert? Check out our awesome guide to learn more about what to expect at the event.  

4Minute – Mirror Mirror

4Minute – I My Me Mine

Jay Park – Abandoned

Jay Park – Count On Me

SISTAR – Push Push

SISTAR- How Dare You

G.NA – I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better

G.NA – Black & White

U-Kiss – 0330

U-Kiss – Bingel Bingeul

U-Kiss – Man Man Ha Ni

Secret – Madonna

Secret – Shy Boy

Secret – Magic

Baek Ji Young – That Woman

Baek Ji Young – My Ear’s Candy feat. K.Will

Baek Ji Young – Don’t Forget

K.Will – Miss, Miss and Miss

K.Will – My Heart Beats

Special – Hyorin, Jay Park, Ji Eun, Soo Hyun, Jung Soo Ra

DJ Doc – Run To You

DJ Doc – I’m A Guy Like This

Kim Jang Hoon –

Kim Jang Hoon –

Kim Jang Hoon –

Kim Jang Hoon –

Additional performances and interviews can be found here.