The reporter who first wrote about Lee Si Young‘s alleged sex tape was put on trial for libel.

Seoul Central Court announced that a reporter (whose name was only revealed to be Shin) has been arrested for libel, and his colleague (also named Shin) who initially told the reporter about the alleged sex tape will also be prosecuted.

According to the police, Shin heard from his colleage during a dinner that “a sex tape exists, and another newspaper’s legal team is pursuing the lead.” Shin subsequently shared the story without checking the facts in the form of unofficial tabloid circulation over social media. It is said that 11 other reporters and two of Shin’s friends received the initial circulation.

The actress’s management agency brought a complaint to the police when the circulation became widespread, asking to find the first person who started the rumor. The police’s searches, involving several search warrants in newspaper agencies and also in offices connected to the parliament, eventually led them to Shin.

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