When McDonald’s announced their collaboration with BTS for The BTS Meal, it seemed as if everyone was excited. However, that was not the case. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), an animal rights organization, has raised concerns over the collaboration.

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PETA Asia has accused BTS of promoting animal cruelty. The organization shared on their social media a photo of an individual, dressed in a BT21 T-shirt, standing outside McDonald’s with a sign that read, “This fan was let down. BTS, stop promoting dead chickens.”

PETA Asia also shared a post with the tagline, “You’re butter than this, BTS,” a playoff of the group’s new single, “Butter.”  The animal rights organization recognized BTS’s influence and expressed their dismay over the group’s choice to partner with McDonald’s for a meal consisting of chicken nuggets.

A PETA investigation of Australia’s largest chicken producer, Baiada, which reportedly supplies chicken flesh to McDonald’s and other companies, found widespread cruelty in its breeding facility and slaughterhouse. Baiada’s slaughterhouse has CCTV, but that didn’t stop the workers from using chickens as punching bags. It’s clear BTS doesn’t care about chickens who suffer and have their throats slit for McNuggets in the BTS Meal. 

— PETA Asia

While PETA claims that ARMY feels “let down” by BTS for promoting consumption of chicken nuggets, other ARMYs are coming out not only to defend BTS but to raise awareness of some inconsistencies within PETA. They recalled that PETA euthanizes animals thousands of animals rather than find them homes because they don’t believe in pet ownership. The president and co-founder Ingrid Newkirk belives it’s “an abysmal situation.”

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Many ARMYs also suggest that PETA is singling out BTS and McDonald’s just for “attention” and “clout.” Although BTS frequently are seen eating various meals consisting of meat in their reality shows and have endorsed similar products before, PETA has not criticized the group or any of its members until now.