BTS‘s golden maknae Jungkook is known for many things. His godly visuals, his captivating voice, and his intense dancing are some of them. What fans are noticing about the idol now, however, is his ant waist.

jungkook waist jungkook waist1

jungkook waist3

Many are in awe with just hold perfect his proportions are, with people noting how he has a muscular upper body, thick thighs, and strong calves, yet still has a tiny waist. Let’s not forget that he has legs that just go on and on and on!


Fans have also commented how Jungkook has a pure and innocent, almost bunny-like visual, yet his body is the opposite. Netizens have commented that Jungkook is the epitome of physical perfection.

  jungkook waist2

Jungkook’s body is reminiscent of an inverted triangle, which is the ideal body type for most men in South Korea. Only 22 years old, the idol is already at peak physical condition, as well as the peak of his career. He’s got it all!


After seeing Jungkook, I understand why people are so attracted to him.

– Korean Netizen