Back in 2009, Girls’ Generation‘s maknae Seohyun was only 18 years old and the group was promoting their mega-hit song “Genie.”

seohyun1 seohyun2

The idol looked youthful and fresh and was garnering fans over her visuals and long legs, with many loving her healthy image.

seohyun3 seohyun4 seohyun5

Fast forward to 2019 and Seohyun is now 28 years old, and she looks just as youthful as ever! Many are saying that the biggest difference is how she does her eyebrows. Other than that, fans would believe that she’s still 18 if they didn’t know when the photos were taken!

seohyun6 seohyun7

Many are saying that she’s a natural beauty and that her face is absolutely perfect, from her eyes to her nose. Fans believe that Seohyun simply doesn’t age and are envious of her youthfulness!

And from the age of 19 (t/n: Korean age), she still looks the same!

– Korean Netizen