TWICE’s Sana is absolutely unforgettable. From going viral for her iconic “shy shy shy” to getting her CEO to greet his fans with a finger heart during his comeback, she has a way of making a lasting impression with her adorable looks and personality.

Because of that, it’s absolutely impossible to limit Sana’s cute moments to only a certain amount, but we certainly tried our hardest! Check out 15 of Sana’s cutest looks and moments below:

1. Sailor Sana

Source: daphiestuff/Tumblr

2. When Sana and Fanfanduck looked like twins


3. Kitty Sana going “blep”


4. Heartshaker, literally

Source: beautyidol/Tumblr

5.  Just two kitties hanging out

Source: twice-minatozakisana/Tumblr

 6. She made the ears move

7. Cute even when she’s eating


8. Making eating cute since ’96

Source: jeongyeon/Tumblr

9. That time she surprised Jihyo with a kiss

Source: jeongyeon/Tumblr

10.  Just two J-Line cuties being adorable

Source: myouiminas/Tumblr

11.  Sana being perfect

Source: hiraimz/Tumblr

12. When she introduced her new girlfriend—the penguin

13. Sana being relatable AF

Source: blankjiace/Tumblr

14. This adorable duck-like expression

Source: laliz-soft/Tumblr

15. Doing her iconic “shy shy shy”

What is your favorite Sana moment or look that was so undeniably kawaii that it made you UWU?