Actor Kim Soo Hyun is gaining attention after a picture taken together with his mother surfaced online.

An online community board recently uploaded the picture, showing Kim Soo Hyun and his mother hugging each other lovingly.

The picture was actually posted on the actor’s mini-homepagey when he uploaded himself back in 2008; he captioned it, “Cheonggyecheon (city) date with mother. I, of course, wanted to take the picture well.”

In the picture, Kim Soo Hyun is hugging his mother tightly with a childish grin and pose with his wine colored beanie and leather jacket. Kim Soo Hyun’s mother garnered interest for her celebrity-like beauty with her gold colored hanbok. She not only showed off her small face size but also proved the Kim’s family’s superior genes.

Fans and netizens who saw the picture said: “So his mom was a high quality beauty,” “Celebrities, of course, always have their separate genes,” “His mother looks more like the celebrity,” “I guess he took after his mom on the small size face. Daebak,” “They look like mother and son from a drama,” and “Just looking at the picture makes me happy.”