NU’EST‘s Minhyun once pitched for the South Korean baseball team Doosan Bears. Fans still can’t get over how dreamy he looked on the field – and are begging for more of this “Baseball Team Sunbae” look on Minhyun.

minhyun 1


Dressed up nicely in the team’s uniform, Minhyun definitely looked like he belonged right there on the field! Minhyun rocked a pair of denims, and while the outfit was easy and simple, he made it look worth invaluable.

minhyun 3


Doosan fans, even the ones who weren’t big K-Pop fans, immediately fell in love with this visual explosion out on the field.

minhyun 10


Baseball and K-Pop fans alike commented that Minhyun looked like he walked straight out of a baseball anime, with his fair complexion gleaming under the cap.

minhyun 7


Minhyun looked like the hottest up and coming rookie baseball star as he posed to pitch his ball…

minhyun 5


… and looked out-of-this-world perfect as he gave the pitch his best shot. Fans got busy capturing this surreal moment and these pictures proved he was simply angelic on the mound!

minhyun 2


While from these pictures, fans would believe Minhyun pitched a mean ball – he actually ended up throwing the ball straight at the ground.

minhyun 6


Though his pitch may not have been the best one in the history of K-Pop idol baseball pitches, and his fans will forever have a blast endearingly teasing him for this dead ball…


… his visual was most definitely the best that the field has seen!