Recently, on an online community site, a picture titled, “IU Singing at a PD’s Wedding,” was posted. In the photo, IU can be spotted singing at a wedding.

IU is seen with her hands together on the microphone and singing sincerely while looking at the happy couple. With a 33.5 (XXS) tiny body size, IU is wearing a sophisticated mini dress that shows off her slim figure, which caught the attention of many people.

Netizens who saw the picture said, “IU is so pretty. Poor bride. People may not have said anything, but their beauty was probably compared,” “She was probably surrounded by all the uncle fans at the wedding,” “IU singing at your lucky,” “So skinny. Please gain some weight,” “Looks like she’s going to break,” and “IU has a nice figure.”

On another note, IU released her Japanese debut single, “Good Day,” on March 21. She is currently busy promoting it in Japan.