Past pictures of actress Jeon Ji Hyun and singer Yoon Do Hyun have been gaining attention after being broadcasted on television.

On August 22 SBS TV’s “Night TV Celebrity” came up with a section in which clips of stars from the 1990’s were shown.

There were a variety of celebrities shown from idol groups such as H.O.T. and Sechskies to actor Cha In Pyo’s army pictures. Among the many individuals shown, was Jeon Ji Hyun during her high school days.

The clip of Jeon was from 1998, when Jeon Ji Hyun was a junior in high school. In response to the question “how tall are you?” Jeon is shown enthusiastically responding, “I am 172 centimeters tall. I wish I would stop growing.” In the clip Jeon was wearing a high school uniform, and was seen even singing a song. In comparison to her recent looks, back then her image was very cute and fresh.

In the same year, rock band vocalist Yoon Do Hyun was in his twenties. A clip of Yoon, who was then part of a musical, was shown where he sported long bright hair, showing viewers a wild side to the singer. While the clip was playing Yoon could be seen trying to hide his laughter from embarrassment on the actual TV show.