It was recently reported via Insight that a girl in Vietnam had undergone a leg lengthening surgery. The issue soon became viral as the process is a rather painful one.

The patient herself was originally 168cm tall, but she faced insecurities due to slightly bowed legs. She wanted to have long, straight legs, similar to that of models. The only option for her was to artificially straighten and lengthen her calves, through surgery.

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However, this is a rather painful method as you have to break the bones once, then rejoin them again after inserting a man-made extender It takes about 3 months for the bones to set and heal. While the patient is healing, they cannot move around either.

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The final result? The patient has straighter legs. But this isn’t where it ends. The patient has to undergo physiotherapy as well and receive treatment where they tighten the extender inside the bones, three times a day.

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The patient also has to wear a brace to support the bones for up to a year. However, she finally got the body she wanted, and also grew a total of 10cm.

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Be warned, this surgery comes at a price. Side-effects for the unlucky few include not being able to walk well or back pains. Think before you act!