Pledis Entertainment has spoken up about what happened at a recent PRISTIN fan signing.

PRISTIN is currently holding fan signings and promoting their debut track “WEE WOO.” At one of these fan signings, a fan was about to give Kyulkyung a sketchbook. A manager took away the sketchbook before Kyulkyung had a chance to look at it. Other fans observing the fan signing recorded this incident and posted it on social media.

The fan in question was revealed to be have prepared a confession for Kyulkyung. However, it appears as though his sketchbook included words of sexual harassment. A source from Pledis revealed that fans informed the management about the creepy fans’ intentions which resulted in the manager and the head of the agency attending and watching over the event.

The source from Pledis said, “The manager discovered the sketchbook first and prevented him [from committing sexual harassment]. Many fans provided tips and the agency found out through the community, so there were plans to keep a close eye on everything. The head of the agency goes to fan signings often. With the recent hidden camera glasses incident with GFRIEND, we wanted to be especially mindful since sexual issues can occur when there are many male fans. In order to prevent such issues, we have enforced a notification about using honorific language and such.”

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