Pledis Entertainment is reportedly in the works of training a new 17 member boy group, comprised of members with an average age of 17. The new group, tentatively named “Seventeen,” will become the largest ever idol group in K-Pop history (Super Junior, with 13 members, is the second largest).

According to Star news, the overall strategy of “Seventeen” is to split the group into three separate units, and run promotions in Korea, Japan, and China simultaneously. In order to target the Chinese market, they are also planning to include several Chinese members in the group.

“We’ve worked on this group for a long time, to have a team that can run promotions in Korea, China, and Japan. By creating a team that is specialized in each of the three countries, we’ll have a team that can completely spread Hallyu around the world. We’re training under the goal of debuting at the end of the year,” Pledis Entertainment told Star News.

They added the new group is intended to create a new genre called “Asian Pop.” Based on the sounds of K-Pop, “Seventeen” plans to blend all three countries’ different musical styles and come up with one unified color.

Stay tuned for more updates!