Polaris Entertainment will be launching another new project!

On December 22, Polaris Entertainment announced, “Next year, we are planning to create an artist who can follow in the footsteps of Kim Bum Soo. After the global ‘Polaris Girls’ Project, we will launch the ‘Polaris Solo Project’ to showcase talented solo artists.”

The solo project will allow the public to watch the process behind the development of a solo artist that the public may not have been aware of before. The first part of the solo project will feature a “boyfriend-like-singer,” and the public will reportedly be surprised to see the improvement of this new solo artist. The project will begin sometime in the beginning of 2018.

Along with the announcement, Polaris Entertainment shared a short description and clip about their new solo project on their Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts.

Previously on December 11, Polaris Entertainment announced they will also hold global auditions in search of their next girl group, who will be featured in the agency’s “Polaris Girls” Project.

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