On December 12, Polaris Entertainment officially announced plans for their next girl group called the “Polaris Girls” Project.

Polaris Entertainment revealed, “Early next year, we will begin the ‘Polaris Girls’ Project, which will be the cornerstone of creating talented global idols.”

“Polaris Girls” is a project that Polaris Entertainment has had in works for a while. The agency will team up with Donuts, Japan’s largest video and smartphone app creating IT company. To kick off its project, Polaris Entertainment will hold open auditions for about 3,400 applicants at the Donuts headquarters in Tokyo, Japan on December 16.

The agency will then hold nationwide auditions to select its Korean members at MyLive, Donuts’s Korean branch. The auditions will start in Busan on January 5, then Daegu on January 6, Gwangju on January 11, Daejeon on January 12, and Seoul on January 13.

Polaris Entertainment stated, “We will select members who are fluent in foreign languages such as English, Chinese, and Japanese, and we plan to develop a group that can expand into Europe and the global [music] industry. The project will officially begin next year, so we ask for your interest and support.”

Meanwhile, Polaris Entertainment currently houses girl groups LOONA and Ladies’ Code.

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