As the “Me Too” movement continues to gain steam in Korea, the police have provided an update on their investigations of 50 sexual harassment cases.

On March 9, the police reported that it was formally investigating eight suspects who had been accused of sexual harassment. The eight suspects include actor Jo Min Ki, who allegedly abused his position as professor at Cheongju University by sexually harassing multiple students; theater director Lee Yoon Taek, who has been accused of both sexual assault and harassment; public official Ahn Byung Ho, who faces allegations of sexual assault and harassment made by three different women; and an unnamed former organizer of the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, who has been accused of sexually harassing a female programmer.

Additionally, the police stated that they have opened internal investigations on 11 other sexual harassment allegations and are making preliminary inquiries into the remaining 31 cases.

Jo Min Ki is currently scheduled to undergo police questioning on March 12.

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