According to local news source News1, police have stated that they are investigating the case of a mother and her two sons suffering from years of sexual slavery at the hands of her husband and family.

This case was previously reported on in Korea in the latter half of 2014, but never saw closure and saw related news articles online being taken down for unknown reasons.

The woman, who identified herself as Lee Jung Hee, took her case to the online community on June 20, 2015 KST to plea for help as the police have refused all requests for assistance.

The online community was moved to action and started to spread awareness of the story via major social networks and reporting to international news media, as well as official governmental institutions.

On June 23 PST, Lee Jung Hee and her two sons uploaded a video plea, which spread quickly throughout the online Korean community. With more and more people becoming aware of the situation and reaching out to authorities, the police seem to have been pushed to action.

The police stated to News1, “Although the things that the accuser is claiming are not properly surfacing, we are investigating from various angles.”

Netizens have commented on the few Korean news articles out there in various ways: thanking the media for reporting this, discussions how other articles are continuously being taken down, predicting that these articles will be taken down too, and pointing out that the police have previously said they were investigating but nothing happened.

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