Police will likely be reinvestigating Microdot’s parents following renewed accusations of fraud and are reviewing a request for cooperation with authorities in New Zealand, where Microdot’s parents are currently residing.

A source from police said on November 20 to Star News that in 1999, Microdot’s parents were accused of borrowing several hundred million won (100 million won is approximately $89,000) from 10 different people in 1997 — including relatives, neighbors, and friends — and then leaving the country.

The allegations resurfaced when an alleged victim made a post on an online community regarding the incident on November 19.

A source from the police stated, “After the complaint was submitted in 1999, we were unable to locate the whereabouts of the accused, so we eventually forwarded the case to prosecutors with a recommendation of a stay of prosecution.” The source stated that the victims of the incident have already given their testimonies, and there is no need of further questioning at this time.

They added, “In the event that the accused cannot be located and they are residing abroad, it’s possible to request cooperation from Interpol, but in the end, it fell through. While indictment is currently suspended, prosecution has returned the case to us, and we are reviewing the possibility of resuming investigation.”

Police emphasized the fact that while many believe the accused to be Microdot’s parents due to media coverage, it has not been officially confirmed. “At the time of the investigation, we did not know about Microdot, and we had not checked documents confirming Microdot’s relationship to the accused.”

Meanwhile, Microdot’s parents have stated to YTN that they plan to return to Korea to cooperate with police investigation as soon as they receive their passports, which will take roughly two to three weeks.

However, they did not confirm nor deny the accusations made against them, simply saying that after investigations are concluded, that they will apologize if there is something to apologize for, and that if there is something that needs resolving, they will do so.

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