Following a two-month investigation, the police have stated that no evidence could be found that singer Kim Heung Gook committed sexual assault.

A source from the Seoul Gwangjin Police told OSEN on May 8, “After the complaint was filed on March 23, an investigation was carried out, and the results judge that Kim Heung Gook is not guilty. It’s planned that the case will be forwarded to prosecution this afternoon with a recommendation of no indictment.”

In March, a woman in her thirties (identified as “A”) appeared on MBN’s “8 O’Clock News” and stated that Kim Heung Gook had sexually assaulted her. She also submitted a complaint to the police.

In response to the accusations, the police summoned both Kim Heung Gook and A for questioning twice, and carried out an investigation that included examining evidence such as phones and talking to witnesses. In the end, the police have stated that they could not find any evidence that Kim Heung Gook had sexually assaulted A.

Kim Heung Gook previously responded to the accusations with a full denial, as well as filed a countercharge against her for false accusations and a lawsuit for compensation for damages. The investigations into those charges are ongoing.

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