On October 1, DBSK’s title track from their 6th album “Catch Me” has been heard playing as the opening song for American talk show “Live! with Kelly & Michael.” The MCs made their entrance and strut their stuff to their respective seats while the song set the tone for a fun segment.

What’s worthy to note is that the song has been released very recently, on September 24, and hasn’t had the chance to be fully promoted locally nor were there any official promotions within the States. Thus, it’s a double surprise that “Catch Me” was played at the talk show.

“Catch Me” has been choreographed by Tony Testa, who previously worked with Michael Jackson and also created the choreography for labelmate SHINee’s “Sherlock.”

In related news, labelmate Girls’ Generation made an appearance at “Live! with Kelly” (author’s note: the show experienced a name change on September 4, 2012) this past February with their song “The Boys.”

Here’s the very short video clip!

Soompiers, do you think America is being more accepting of K-Pop?